Cultural Gifts & Inspiration

For the discerning shopper who appreciates the beauty in seeing images that look like them and the power of uplifting affirmations, inspirational quotes and/or spiritual acknowledgment!

Cultural Gifts & Inspiration - The Story

Cultural Gifts & Inspiration was born out of a desire to showcase what's available in the market place, in culturally pleasant, humorous melanin pleasing, empowering, inspirational and/or spiritually acknowledging merchandise. My hope is that you can find at least one product that will make you smile, bring back memories, promote self-esteem, a sense of community, familiarity, pride and/or connection for you or someone you know. I'm finding the trend towards #skinlightening #skinbleaching #skinwhitening very sad and disturbing. I'm trying to be part of the solution. Please support

The store also serves as an intro/demo/showcase of the features and flexibility of the online store product that will be offered soon. Create your own online store. Tons of features!

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About Me

Crystal A Hill

Culturally Present Entreprenuer

Having a few minority "strikes" against me, as I progress in life, it's become increasingly important for me to embrace my entire self. Seeing positive images of people that look like me and feeding my soul with inspiration is extremely therapeutic and freeing! I'm choosing to be free, I'm choosing to be expressive. I'm choosing to be me! I hope you find items here that will do the same for you!

It's time to align my time, energy, income and expenses with my values, my calling, my mission. Please join me on the journey, there's more to come!

❤ Peace & Blessings ❤ 

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